Be ready for SCAM

Protect your pool with SCAM

Scams are generally something to avoid, but when you are talking about pool safety SCAM is a good thing to remember!
Owners of existing pools have until the 30th of November 2015 to comply with the new QLD pool safety laws, so implement SCAM now!


• Display a secured current pool resuscitation sign in a visible location.


• Remove all climbable objects located within 900 millimetres of the pool safety barrier.
• Climbable fence rails on neighbouring fence line are a no no.


• Security screens must be built on windows that open out to the pool area.
• The hinges on your gates must be self closing and the latches self locking.
• Doors with direct access to pool are no longer permitted.


• The gap between vertical members to be less than 100mm.
• The gap below the bottom of railings to be less than 100mm.
• The pool safety barrier must measure 1200mm from top to bottom.

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